THE WINNING 49ers JACKPOT NUMBERS FOR SAT 23/5/15: 30-15-6-21-46-37-40 JACKPOT STANDS AT $93,50!!! ......AGAIN !!!! YES, YET ANOTHER BIG 5 NUMBER WINNER PICKS UP $3,000 THIS WEEK!!!!!...
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Sea Horses 49ers jackpot rollover bet is bermuda’s biggest and best numbers game.
Drawn live every saturday the draw only costs $2.50 per entry and the jackpot is currently over:  $93,000 you can play every week from home using your credit or debit card. You can even set up a standing order where you can play the same numbers every week !! Click on the links below for a copy of na entry form and for this weeks & previous weeks results.

Sea Horses is a Bermudian owned business licensed by The Bermuda Government.

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